dares, daring, dared
(Dare sometimes behaves like an ordinary verb, for example `He dared to speak' and `He doesn't dare to speak' and sometimes like a modal, for example `He daren't speak'.)
1) VERB: oft with brd-neg If you do not dare to do something, you do not have enough courage to do it, or you do not want to do it because you fear the consequences. If you dare to do something, you do something which requires a lot of courage.

[V to-inf] Since he was stuck in a lift a year ago he hasn't dared to get back into one...

[V to-inf] Most people hate Harry but they don't dare to say so...

[V to-inf] He has also dared to take unpopular, but principled stands at times...

[V inf] We have had problems in our family that I didn't dare tell Uncle.

Dare is also a modal.

Dare she risk staying where she was?... The yen is weakening. But Tokyo dare not raise its interest rates again... `Are you coming with me?' - `I can't, Alice. I daren't.'

2) VERB If you dare someone to do something, you challenge them to prove that they are not frightened of doing it.

[V n to-inf] Over coffee, she lit a cigarette, her eyes daring him to comment...

[V n to-inf] I dare you to sit through forty-five minutes with someone like Vincent!

3) N-COUNT: usu sing, usu as/for/on a N A dare is a challenge which one person gives to another to do something dangerous or frightening.

He'd do pretty much anything on a dare...

When found, the children said they'd run away for a dare.

4) PHRASE: oft PHR inf (feelings) If you say to someone `don't you dare' do something, you are telling them not to do it and letting them know that you are angry. [SPOKEN]

Don't speak to me like that. Don't you dare...

Allen, don't you dare go anywhere else, you hear?

5) PHRASE: usu PHR inf (feelings) You say `how dare you'' when you are very shocked and angry about something that someone has done. [SPOKEN]

How dare you pick up the phone and listen in on my conversations!...

Suddenly the peace was destroyed by someone shouting, `Get back! Go away! How dare you!'

6) PHRASE: PHR with cl (politeness) You use `dare I say it' when you know that what you are going to say will disappoint or annoy someone.

Politicians usually attract younger women, dare I say it, because of the status they have in society.

7) PHRASE: PHR that, cl PHR You can use `I dare say' or `I daresay' before or after a statement to indicate that you believe it is probably true.

I dare say that the computer would provide a clear answer to that...

People always think I'm a fool, and I dare say they're right...

Luke badly wanted a pass mark. Still does, I daresay.

I suppose

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